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Paul Towers - Founder & CEO

Paul Towers is a 3x Entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Task Pigeon. Paul originally came up with the idea for Task Pigeon in late 2016 when he couldn't find a task management tool that allowed him to manage tasks the way he wanted to.

Paul is a proud supporter of the Australian startup community and regularly works with other Founders to help them test, validate and market their idea. Paul is a Student Mentor in the Entrepreneurship Program, Genesis, at the University of Sydney and also puts together the daily startup newsletter, Startup Soda.


Shawn is the Senior Software Engineer at Task Pigeon. He has developed Task Pigeon since its inception in late 2016 and continues to work with Paul to realise the vision of providing a flexible task management tool for teams of any size.

Shawn has significant experience working as a Software Engineer for startups based in Australia, Canada and the Silicon Valley (US), including Y Combinator backed companies.